footwear ox about domen hrovatinAt Footwear Ox it comes down to one simple fact – we love shoes!

That’s why we created this website, for folks like you who love shoes as much as we do, but also for anyone who is seeking current and relevant information about shoes. Our focus isn’t just on shoes, however, but also on all kinds of footwear.

While we realize that there’s no shortage of easily accessible information about shoes and footwear in general, not all websites are the same. Here at Footwear Ox, our mission is to provide you with the most in-depth, highest-quality information that will enable you to become an informed consumer when it comes to what you wear on your feet.

Like many necessities in life, it can be easy to take our shoes and other footwear for granted. But most of us also know the aggravation of owning a pair of shoes that’s not suited for the type of work we do, a pair that’s stylish but not comfortable, that doesn’t fit right or the literal pain of foot issues such as plantar fasciitis that make everyday tasks such as standing and walking a true pain.

Needless to say, we don’t want you to take your shoes/footwear for granted, and we’re here to help you make the best decisions on your next purchase or purchases. We understand, for example, that if you’re someone who spends your workday on your feet, the kind of shoes you choose have to provide a certain level of comfort (as well as have some style). Are you a runner? We can help you choose the best fitting running shoe for your specific needs, rather than you just grabbing the most attractive pair on display.

We’ll also provide you with guidelines on how to find the best fitting footwear for your foot. Did you know, for instance, that your feet can expand and become bigger as you age? And when it comes to shoes, size really does matter.

But we’ll also give you detailed information on caring for your type of shoe that will ensure that your favorite footwear will remain durable and comfortable for years to come. We offer reviews of all types of shoes but want to keep things entertaining and light-hearted while providing information that really matters.

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Affiliate Disclosure: We also don’t hide the fact that we earn money via Amazon affiliate commissions and Google ads. But we’ll never suggest you buy any product – instead, we’ll provide intelligent comparisons of the pros and cons of every shoe we review to help you decide for yourself.

So, stick around and take a tour of our site. If you love shoes like we do, you won’t be disappointed.