The 7 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Men and Women [Review, Mar. 2017]

best indoor soccer shoesLet’s be completely obvious for one moment:

Soccer is a game of your feet.

Of course, you could argue that soccer involves much more than the feet – it requires mental toughness, excellent physical strength, and stamina, etc. – but it’s referred to as football for a reason.

It only stands to reason, then, that what you put on your feet is of utmost importance, including when you’re playing the fast-paced games of futsal and/or indoor soccer. It’s why we came up with our list of the seven best indoor soccer shoes for men and women 2017.

While there are a lot of great shoes available, we especially like the Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic  and the Adidas Ace Performance 16.4  for women. We think you’ll like them, too (along with our other choices).


Before You Buy: 7 Indoor Soccer Shoes Buying Tips

Before we look at the best indoor soccer shoes, let’s examine some things you should consider before buying your next pair.

1. The heart and soul of soles

Take special care in choosing the soles of your shoes. If you’re going to spend most of your time playing on indoor or artificial surfaces, you’ll need a shoe with non-marking rubber soles. The soles also must have superior traction and grip.

2. Be a weight watcher

Soccer shoes have become lighter over the years because of the latest technologies and new materials. A lightweight shoe has its advantages, not the least of which it allows you to move faster and quicker. An 8 oz. shoe is the ideal weight for most players.

3. Looks aren’t everything

Never compromise looks for comfort. However, there are many brands out there that look good and feel good during the heat of battle.

4. Know your material

Indoor soccer shoes consist of four main materials: leather, synthetic leather, synthetic and Pure leather is the most expensive option but provides a more natural feel and better overall fit. Synthetic leather is cheaper to manufacture, but it’s water-resistant and very durable. Mesh construction makes for a more breathable, lighter, and cheaper shoe.

5. Comfort is king

We’ve already touched on this a bit, but it’s worth emphasizing – comfort is everything. The shoe may be your correct size but still not feel right. And different brands have different shapes. Just make sure the ones you buy feel great when it matters most – on the playing field.

6. Set a budget

Determine how much you’re willing to pay for your shoes and be careful not to go overboard. On the other hand, you don’t want to buy cheap, low-quality shoes that don’t last. Look for the best quality shoe in your price range.

7. Online shopping is OK

Not everyone has the time and energy to search stores in their area for the right indoor soccer shoes. There are many, many reputable websites – such as and – that offer the highest-quality shoes from many different brands.

The 4 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Men:

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Shoe 

Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor ShoeAge doesn’t always catch up with some people and things.

Like Keith Richards, for instance. We’re just here to make the world a better place for him to live in for the next 100 years.

Or, fine wine.

You can also say the same thing about the Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe – which is a classic that’s still relevant today.

The Samba Classics came out before specialized indoor soccer shoes flooded the market but have the same relevance today as when they first hit emerged on the marketplace several decades ago. Here’s why:


Indoor soccer takes some getting used to if you’ve played the outdoor version primarily. For one, the indoor game is faster, while an indoor ball (if used) is slightly different, and the playing area is smaller.

All that said, the indoor game requires a different touch, and the Adidas Samba is excellent for receiving and striking on the artificial surfaces of indoor pitches.


Reviewers frequently talk about their Sambas holding up to both day-to-day outdoor use and indoor soccer. The seams hold together while the soles stay in great shape a long time. The upper is made of authentic full-grain leather.

They’re made for it

Made for indoor soccer, that is. Sure, they’re good for everyday use, but let’s not forget the primary function of the Adidas Samba. The sole provides great traction, the cushioned lining provides optimal comfort, and they hold up to the wear and tear of a rigorous indoor schedule.


  • All of the above, plus the Samba is a great value (you can find them for around $50). If you’re looking for the best Adidas indoor soccer shoes, look no further than the Samba Classic.


  • If you’re looking for a flashy shoe, the Adidas Samba Classic might not be for you. That’s not to say they’re ugly, by any means, but they come in two colors – white or black.

Want a closer look? Here’s a video review of the Adidas Samba Classic:

2. Puma King IT 

Puma King ITThe Puma King soccer shoe line is tough to beat.  And with its IT indoor shoe, Puma has done nothing to spoil the King lineage’s good name.

And what’s not to like?

The King is known for its durability, and the IT is no exception. The upper is 100% genuine leather, and there’s no reason that your Puma King IT won’t last you at for at least a couple of seasons.

But comfort isn’t sacrificed for durability as the Puma IT features premium construction that both highly-advanced and amateur footballers can appreciate. The bottom line is the shoe conforms to your foot while providing excellent support.

The Puma IT also allows you to maintain great ball feel and touch whether you’re passing, striking or receiving.

We also love the Puma IT’s sole. The midsole is well-cushioned for optimal comfort and provides great shock absorption, while the IT provides excellent overall traction on indoor surfaces.

The sole tends to be a bit thicker at the heel to further absorb the shocks of indoor play.


  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent support
  • Comfortable


  • It would be picky to find a major flaw with the Puma It, and there isn’t one. It is a bit stiff out of the box, however, and will take some time to break in but not that long.

3. Kelme Star 360 Michelin Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes 

Kelme Star 360 Michelin Mesh Inset Soccer ShoesWhen the Spanish sportswear company Kelme decided to raise the bar in creating a superior sole for its soccer shoe, it chose an impressive collaborator.

A tire company.

Indeed, who better to help you develop a soccer shoe with extraordinary traction than the French tire company Michelin?

The end product, the Kelme Star 360 Michelin Mesh Inset Soccer Shoe, delivers in the way you’d expect from such a collaboration with the best gum-rubber sole on the market. The sole is soft, with plenty of grip, but also feels solid.

Additionally, the Kelme Star 360’s sole has a unique star design pattern on it that provides numerous grip “points.” The theory is, if you start to slip, the grip points on other parts of the sole help you to regain traction.

Here’s another thing to like: these shoes are the best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet because they run wide through the heel and midfoot while being a tad tighter in the forefoot. In turn, this allows the leather to stretch and form to your foot.

The insole, meanwhile, is cushioned to provide comfortable wear even during long games.

The Kelme Star 360s are also among the best futsal shoes on the market because of their construction, which helps provide the kind of serious touch that’s crucial for the indoor/futsal game. The shoe’s leather is very soft and thin to help provide precise touch.

You’ll also like the Kelme Star’s durability. For one, it stands to reason that a rubber sole designed by a tire company is capable of lasting a whole lot of miles.

And while the shoe’s upper material is soft and pliable, it’s also durable.

The final verdict:


  • Superior slip-resistant soles that are a cut above most other indoor soccer and futsal shoes.
  • The insole and uppers are made of quality materials that provide excellent comfort.
  • The Kelme Star 360 allows for the excellent touch and feel needed for the indoor game.


  • The Kelme Star 360 shoes run larger than other shoes, and you need to choose your size carefully.

4. Nike5 Gato 

Nike5 GatoAs you might expect, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to the best Nike indoor soccer shoes.

But among the many choices, the Nike5 Gato stands out.

Here’s why:

One of the Nike5 Gato top qualities is that it’s good for indoor and outdoor use. Not that we’d recommend it for prolonged outdoor soccer use, but it looks good with jeans or shorts and is ready to compete if a spur-of-the-moment street game presents itself.

There’s more.

If you’re going to wear an indoor soccer shoe for casual use, it has to be comfortable, and the Nike5 Gato rates highly in the comfort category. The upper consists of leather or suede (depending on the color you choose) that are very soft and provide everyday coziness.

The overall fit is wide, making it one of the best indoor soccer shoes for wide width while providing more roominess than a shoe that’s only good for indoor soccer or futsal.

The Nike5 Gato’s sole consists of harder rubber than you’d find on regular indoor shoes, which makes it ideal for street soccer and other games played on hard surfaces.

The Nike5 Gato also is lighter than other shoes made for indoor and outdoor use – lighter, in fact, than some running shoes. But it rates extremely high on the durability scale, which is obviously important if you’re planning to get some street use out of it, as well.

When it comes to the all-important “touch” needed for the indoor game, the Nike5 Gato’s leather is soft and pliable from the first time you put them on which, in turn, provides a decent amount of feel. The shoes upper has a more padded feel than other indoor shoes, which can give you the feeling of slightly less touch. But it’s still more than respectable when it comes to touch.

The Nike5 Gato’s padded tongue provides an extra cushion when striking or shooting the ball, which always is a plus.

Let’s look at the bottom line:


  • The Nike5 Gato is a versatile shoe that’s also good for everyday use.
  • Its hard rubber sole makes it ideal for outdoor street games on hard surfaces.
  • It’s very lightweight, even lighter than some running shoes.
  • It feels good right out of the box.
  • Your foot has room to breathe in the Nike5 Gato.


  • There’s nothing overly fancy about the Nike5 Gato design. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, there are plenty of more eye-appealing designs.

The 3 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Women:

1. Adidas Performance Ace 16.4 

Adidas Performance Ace 16.4There’s nothing quite like the feeling of slipping on a new of pair shoes for the first time and feeling instant comfort.

It doesn’t happen all the time.

But the Adidas Performance Ace 16.4 women’s indoor soccer shoes give you that great right-out-of-the-box feel. You’ll feel like you’ve worn them for months, even years, from the first game you play while wearing them and onward.

What makes these shoes so comfortable?

  • For starters, the heavenly soft upper molds around your foot without the typical stiffness of a new shoe.
  • The Adidas Ace 16.4 also comes with a padded collar that provides additional comfort without restricting your ankle movement.
  • The shoe has a high level of cushioning throughout and are very flexible.

The Adidas Ace 16.4 is ideal for the indoor game, where touch and feel are important. You’ll make and receive passes more easily than with other shoes. If you’re one of your team’s playmakers, this shoe is for you.

Because it feels (and is) lightweight, the Adidas Ace 16.4 enables you to play faster but without sacrificing stability. The synthetic sole provides plenty of grip and allows you to make sudden stops and sharp cuts with ease.

But don’t let the lightweight feel of this shoe fool you. The synthetic body and inner sole are very durable and keep you protected during moments of high contact.

Simply put, the Adidas Ace 16.4 is a good fit for players of all levels, whether you’re a beginner or someone who dominates every match.


  • Lightweight, comfortable feel right out of the box
  • Provide excellent feel and touch, which is ideal for the indoor game
  • Surprisingly durable
  • Allows you to play at high speed and with control


  • They tend to run a little small, so be careful when sizing.

2. Puma Women’s evoSpeed 4.4 Indoor WN’s Soccer Shoe 

Puma Women’s evoSpeed 4.4 Indoor WN’s SManeuverability and stability mean a lot if you’re focus is on the indoor game.

The Puma Women’s evoSpeed 4.4 Indoor Soccer Shoe answers the bell in both departments while providing excellent comfort and durability. And it lives up to its name with a soft synthetic upper and lightweight outsole to enable you to accelerate to your fullest potential.

The folks at Puma also made sure that traction will never be an issue with the evoSpeed 4.4 with a synthetic sole that provides maximum traction. You’ll be able to cut and otherwise change direction without fear of slipping.

The Puma evoSpeed 4.4 also features an outsole that’s injected with thermoplastic polyurethane and is a one-piece component that provides weight distribution evenly throughout the foot.

Another thing we like about this shoe is its external heel counter that ensures a proper heel fit – which isn’t always the case with other indoor soccer shoes


  • The soft synthetic upper keeps the show comfortable and lightweight
  • Provides both stability and maneuverability
  • Outstanding heel fit


  • Sizes tend to run a little small

3. Adidas Predito Instinct Women’s Indoor Soccer Shoe 

Adidas Predito Instinct Women’s Indoor Soccer ShoeAdidas scores another goal with its Predito Instinct – a shoe that was clearly designed with the indoor player in mind.

It’s also designed, as the good folks at Adidas tell us, to allow you to dominate “the whole soccer field.”

And how does it do that?

For starters, the Predito Instinct has rubber strips attached that allow you to connect with the ball in a way that few other shoes can. You’ll be able to position the ball properly on your foot before sending it on its way with a crisp shot or precise pass.

Its outsole delivers quality traction than enables you to turn, cut, and accelerate they way you need for the indoor game.

The shoes upper is made of synthetic material with TPU-engineered zones, while the comfortable insole consists of die-cut EVA.


  • Provides excellent touch and feel with the ball
  • Durability
  • Great traction to provide quick starts, stops, turns, and acceleration.


  • About the only negative we’ve found for this shoe is that they tend to run a size or so big.

That wraps up our look at the best indoor soccer shoes for 2017.  With the right footwear, we’re confident that you’ll be a force to be reckoned with during any indoor game.

What are your favorite shoes? As always, we’d love to hear from you.

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