11 Shoes Every Woman Boss Should Have In Her Closet

shoes every woman should have

Boss.  It’s a title you’ve worked hard to earn (or maybe you’re still trying to claim it).  And whether your mountain is in the tech world, the corporate world, academia, or healthcare, you stand astride yours large and in charge.  People look up to you for guidance, inspiration, and paychecks!  A real boss-lady knows it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and she can’t afford to let her guard down in the realm of appearances.  It’s not fair, but women are judged more harshly than men on their looks and their dress.

The Boss Lady is the woman in control.  She commands respect, runs the show, and gets the job done.  She never looks down; she doesn’t need to, she’s confident that she’s always putting the best foot forward in the best shoes possible.

So, whether you’re already at the top of your game, or a Boss-on-the-Rise, a well-stocked shoe closet is your secret arsenal to success!  Keep climbing that corporate ladder, ladies, do it easier with this simple guide to shoes every woman should have.

The Basic Pump for Not-So-Basic Bosses

1.  Black Pumps

basic pumps

The classic!  A stylish black number with heel enough to help you stand out in the crowd.  Tower over your competition and survey the battleground of your life and career, all while rockin’ a quintessential, classy, style.  Black Pumps are quite simply, totally boss.

Keep a Low Profile to Make it Big

2.  Ankle Strap Sandals

ankle strap sandals

It takes time, money, and effort to get your toes pedicured, why hide that investment?  A classy alternative to pumps, especially in the summertime, any woman can benefit from a stylish, strappy sandal.  Pair a sandal with a sensible skirt or dress to play on a casual-formal contrast that will stand out in any office.

3.  Ankle Boots

Ankle boots women's

Speaking of keeping it low, a good quality ankle boot is a wonderful way to dress up a hip pair of jeans to bring some class to your causal Fridays.  Boss or not, ankle boots are shoes every woman should have in her collection.

Casual Bossin‘ Shoes for the Approachable Woman in Charge

4.  Ballet Flats

ballet flats

The perfect every day, run-around shoes that every woman should have, keep couple pairs of ballet flats in different colors in your wardrobe to stay cute and well-kept during errand-running.  For the ultimate boss, well-chosen ballet flats tell your co-workers and employees that you have places to go and things to do…in style and grace.

5.  Casual Sneakers

causal sneakers women's 2Need something more rugged, or with a bit more cushion?  A simple pair of clean sneakers is a necessity for the woman on the go or for the boss in non-office work environments.  Outpace your rivals in the workplace with the right balance of get-up-and-go and quirky style.  These are shoes every woman should have.

Formal Statements for High-Level Bossin

6.  Animal Print Heels

animal print heels

Heels and animal prints go together like vodka and tonic!  Be it a leopard print or zebra print, a sassy pair of printed heels is sure to turn heads when paired with a classy skirt or slim dress slacks.  A good animal print heel tells the boys in the boardroom that you mean business, but aren’t a carbon copy, either.

7.  Metallic Heels

Woman metallic color shoes sandals

Who needs ruby slippers when you can have golden heels?  A splash of flash in the form of a metallic colored heel is a great way to draw attention and set off an otherwise subdued outfit.

8.  Short Stacked Heels

retro short stacked heels

Need something more practical than a full heel?  Short-stacked heels are great for a long night out, for when you’re going from club to club, and when you just want to rock a slightly sassy, 90s retro kind of style.  Bossin’ means movin’ and short-stacked heels are a great, classy way to keep success in easy reach.

9.  Platform Wedges

platform shoes for woman on white background

Get funky, have fun!  A big, chunky platform wedge adds flair to an ensemble, and a little stability to your step.  A confident woman knows how to rock a wedge in a way that screams “I am here!”  These are shoes every woman should have to showcase her funky-boss-self.

These Boots are Made for Bossin’

10.  Tall Flat Boots

brown tall flat boots

Nothing gives off a vibe of authority and command quite like a well-fitted flat boot.  As your heels click down the hall, everyone will know the Boss Lady cometh!

11.  All Weather Boots

all weather boots

Into every life a little rain (or snow, or sleet…) must fall.  There’s no reason you have to sacrifice fashion to Mother Nature.  Show everyone you’re ready for anything with a pair of smart looking all-weather boots.

The boss-lady is one who knows her shoes and knows how take charge in the workplace.  She’s a woman who can do what needs to be done while looking authoritative.  She can stand on her own two feet.  Her employees will be scrambling to bring coffee as soon as they hear her boss footsteps bearing down on them.

Step into your career with authority, style, and class, armed with the knowledge of these 11 Shoes Every Woman Should Have.

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shoes every woman should have
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